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Wine Accessories

Wine accessories are items that enhance the enjoyment and serving of wine. We produce various wine accessories, like wine bags, drop stoppers, blind tasting bottle covers, and wine boxes. These accessories not only enhance the wine drinking experience but also add elegance and style to serving wine. 

Enjoy great Wine
                  and have Fun

Best Seller

Non-woven Wine Bag_.jpg

Non-woven Wine Bag

- single / double / 4 bottles

Wine Cooler Bag_.jpg

Wine Cooler Bag

- non-woven fabric with insulation lining
- zipper on top
- hold 2 bottles

Durable Cooler Bag_.jpg

Durable Cooler Bag

- nylon / insulation / vinyl (3 layers)
- wine-opener pouch

Washable Paper Bag_1.jpg

Washable Paper Bag

- made with recycledpaper
- washable, can hold a regular bottle
  of wine even when it is wet!

Drop Stopper_.jpg

Drop Stopper

- round / waterdrop 

beer carry bag_1.jpg

Beer Set Packaging

- frosty PVC

- hold 3 beers

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