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A hanger for tops or upper garments, made of wire or plastic, is designed to hold clothing by the shoulders and keep them wrinkle-free.



Hangers are designed specifically for pants, shorts, skirts, and other similar items of clothing. These hangers consist of a horizontal bar that is connected to a vertical hook or handle.  Hangers are made of various materials, including plastic, wood, and metal, and can be found in different sizes and styles to accommodate a range of clothing types.



Designed for holding heavier, bulkier items of clothing, such as coats or jackets, typically made of plastic and wood or padded for added protection and grip.



Designed to hold and protect suits or formal wear. It is usually made of sturdy wood, plastic, or metal and has a wide, flat shape that helps maintain the shape of a suit jacket or coat. A suit hanger is essential for organizing and protecting expensive, high-quality suits and ensuring they look their best when worn.



Specially designed to hold and display swimwear. It typically features sturdy and durable construction, is made of plastic or cardboard, and has a shape that mimics the outline of a swimsuit. The hanger may also have clips to hold the straps of the swimwear in place, preventing slippage or damage. 



A clothes hanger that is made entirely of plastic material. They are affordable, easy to clean, and can be produced in various colors and designs. Such hangers are typically lightweight and durable and can be designed to hold different types of clothes such as shirts, jackets, skirts, or pants.



A type of clothes hanger that is commonly used in hotels to hang guests' clothing. It is usually made of wood or plastic and has a curved shape to prevent the clothes from slipping off. Some hotel hangers also feature clips or notches to hold skirts or pants securely in place. A hotel logo or name is printed or embossed on them, making them a part of the hotel's branding.



A small and discreet hanger designed specifically to hold undergarments. It usually has multiple clips or hooks to hold and organize items like bras, panties, and socks. These hangers are a great solution for organizing your closet and keeping your underclothes in good condition. 



Towel hangers can be made in various materials and styles. Materials such as plastic, metal, or wood. They are available in different sizes and designs for display leggings towels or scarves on racks.



Hanger that has a hook attached to it, which can swivel or rotate. This allows the item being hung on the hanger to be easily repositioned without having to remove it from the hanger. Hangers are commonly used for hanging clothes, bags, and other items that need to be stored in a closet or on a hook.



Cardboard hangers are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or metal hangers. Made of sturdy and durable cardboard, perfect for hanging clothes such as shirts, dresses, and pants. They can be customized with various designs and colors to add a personalized touch to your closet organization.



Hangers made from wood can support the weight of heavy garments such as suits, coats, pants, or dresses. Hangers can also include rubber or flocking on the shoulders to prevent items from slipping off. Wooden hangers are more durable and attractive than plastic or wire hangers, making them a popular choice in high-end retail stores and luxury homes.

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